Router kit

Here are some photos of a finished table built from a 2440×1240 kit. The gantry is sitting on 3 meter long rails which are mounted to a table made from 65mm SHS steel tube. The long rails allow the spindle to reach approx 200mm past the table rear edge. This is especially useful as it allows machining on tall objects or machining on timber edge or end grain like when doing dovetails. It also allows you to mount a rotary axis behind the table and still have full 2450 long machine travel. There is a 25mm thick MDF base installed with an 18mm MDF spoilboard glued on top. A grid of holes has been drilled and M8 T-nuts installed underneath to allow easy clamping of the material being machined. This is a versatile setup and it can easily be converted to use as a vacuum table as well.

This build can be done in about 2 weeks, with the majority of the time put into welding and painting the steel table.

  • Assembly of the gantry should take 2 days
  • Building and wiring the enclosure should take 2 days
  • Installing the cable chains & running the remaining wiring should take 1 day
  • Adjust everything and commission the machine should take 1 day 2.2kW water cooled Spindle kit 2.2kW water cooled Spindle kit assembled on a steel table with a 2640×1240 work area 2.2kW water cooled Spindle kit

All wiring is neatly run through cable chains 2.2kW water cooled Spindle kit

#25 pitch roller chain for smooth, backlash free linear motion 2.2kW water cooled Spindle kit

Kit incorporates a “floating” dust foot with a easily removable magnetic dust shoe 2.2kW water cooled Spindle kit

Optional cycle start, cycle pause and E-stop buttons located at front of table for ease of use 2.2kW water cooled Spindle kit

Leadscrew driven Z axis for accuracy and repeat-ability 2.2kW water cooled Spindle kit

All motors and gears have covers for protection 2.2kW water cooled Spindle kit
Rails extend past the table rear edge to allow machining of tall objects.

 Rotary axisRotary axis added to back of table