A little bit of history….

I built my first CNC router in 2010. It was built mainly for cabinet making and custom joinery work like dovetails and such. Although fairly small and light (compared to traditional CNC routers) it was surprisingly capable. It opened up a lot of new opportunities – all of a sudden things that were difficult to do by hand became quick and easy on the machine.

There was a lot of interest from people I knew, and others who saw it either in person or online, and many asked if I can build one for them. I built a number of tables for local customers and delivered and installed several tables at local (and not-so local) schools. There was a lot of interest from interstate and I shipped a few tables around Australia, but it was costly, and the risk of damage from shipping was too great.

Over the years, I was able to refine the design to make the machine more powerful & accurate, and more reliable & easier for me to assemble. This is a small business, mainly a one-person operation, although I do have some help every now and then, and use subcontracting a lot. There are many parts that I need to stock and whenever possible I try to purchase locally through dealers, but for some items I need to deal with the factories directly. Many parts are custom parts that I make myself and some are made for me. In short, the more organised I was, the quicker and easier it was for me to build the tables.

In mid 2013, when my son was helping me with yet another build, it became obvious that the tables are really easy to build and with some instructions almost anyone can do it. I wondered if I could sell a kit and the purchaser would do the assembly? Other than the typical tools found in most home workshops, no special tools are required as all the fabrication is already done. As I no longer had to spend days assembling the tables, I could sell the kit at a much lower price. On top of that, the purchaser would not have to pay for shipping large and heavy items that they could purchase locally. This was a win-win for everybody and I decided that is the way to go.

Since then, many kits have been sold and tables built. Some customers use them at home for hobby use, while others have a factory and use them for work to generate an income. I know of at least 2 customers that left their full time jobs and started their own business due to the amount of work they had picked up, while another customer recently purchased a 2nd kit as they couldn’t keep up with just one machine.